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Saturday, December 31, 2005

2006 Office News: Start the Year with an Inspiration Virus

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I tell people that I do not treat pain. Actually I don't want to treat pain for the wrong reasons so I won't treat pain. I see so many people who are only focused on getting out of pain. When they leave the office they are oblivious to the message that their pain was sending them.

What do I treat? I treat the desire to live a better life. For each one of us, that may mean something different. It usually centers around physical and mental balance, striving for healthy relationships, and a successful career.

What is the point of living better? If I send you on your way feeling better after an energizing adjustment, what are you going to do with your new found freedom?

Do something great!!

Don't just go back to work or back home after your adjustment. I challenge you to take action and do something magnificent. Do something you have been meaning to do. Are you a procrastinator? Do something now. You have been given a gift of a renwed nervous system. Use it! Use it to create something to benefit your neighbors. Change something around you that will influence others, as well. Let it spread like a Inspiration Virus.

I want everyone to feel good. I want everyone to have energy. I want everyone to honor the innate intelligence that governs their healing. Pay It Forward. Let the Energy Grow into Something Inspirational.

If you have pain, let's find out why. If you have chronic pain let's come up with a new way to manage it. Let's move forward by taking on a new life-style plan. Think about what you will gain. Think about your Gain Plan.

I don't want to treat your pain. I want to treat your heart and mind.

Stop Shuffle Syndrome In Its Tracks!

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