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Saturday, July 06, 2024

When Pain Turns to Brain Fog and Laziness

Brain Fog & Laziness - Your Brain Did It On Purpose

Chiropractic is a neurofeedback training exercise.  This enhances your ability to rewire how your brain perceives the world and nurtures your body.
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I came across an interesting mouse study from 10 years ago. 
IMAGE COURTESY:  Why Mice Are Cool...

They studied mice who suffered chronic pain after teaching them how to obtain food.  They were good at deliberately sticking their heads into a hole to snatch a food pellet.  When they were induced with inflammation or nerve damage it appeared they lost the will to seek out the food pellets.  The "unnerving" part of the study was when the mice were relieved of the pain they still lacked the motivation to demonstrate the  initiative to feed themselves.  

Does this apply to humans?  Can you relate to the mice in the study?

(I must now recall the Taub Monkey Studies.  Dr. Taub damaged their arms so they couldn't retrieve bananas from the ceiling, yet the monkeys were able to get their arms working again.  So, I hope we can be more optimistic about our own personal growth.  READ A SHORT SUMMARY HERE)

This makes us think about the brain's effort to protect us and sometimes the Freeze/Faint response takes over. 
As humans we tag every event with an emotion so it gets stored in our brains for future reference because the brain wants to work efficiently. However, we can learn how to disconnect the emotional tag and neutralize the response. 

I work with a lot of people who have pain long after an injury has occurred, even years.  I have to help them understand that the brain chose this stuck-ness as a survival response.  The cognitive approach called Pain Reprocessing Therapy has been used help people understand that they are no longer injured, despite the insistence of the memory of pain.  It is a form of PTSD.

Chiropractic helps speed up the process of reteaching the body to down grade pain signals. 
Chiropractic studies have shown it changes how we process pain.  If you want more information, please ask me.  I have a brain training module and a number of good books to help you jump start the rewiring of your brain.

Chiropractic as a maintenance practice rewires the brain.  It takes time and repetition, which is how your brain has learned all your life.  This time we are more deliberate. 

You're not hard headed. You are hard-wired.  But we have the tools to do things better. 

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