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Saturday, July 06, 2024

Having a Hard Head -- Is It Your Fault?

On this Independence Day, I wonder are we really independent?  Life has become so limiting and we barely blink.  Do you agree?  Do you feel limited?

I need to turn this around into a positive message, but at times I feel we are stuck. 

Chiropractic is a Neuro-Feedback Training Exercise. Let's use chiropractic in this manner for the best experience of energy & vitality. 

Not sure what I mean?  Stick with my thought process here.  I'm getting to my point. 

The biggest block for most of my practice members is their unwillingness to give up old beliefs about health.  They are not really unwilling, but it is a very difficult wiring in the brain to loosen up for good. 

When we grow up believing certain health theories, it impacts our brain's resilience.

We have been told many accepted yet contradicted theories by our parents, schools and colleges.  

I'm not going to delve into these health theories now, others have already done it in very good detailed books.  Such is this one by Dawn Lester and David Parker. What Really Makes You Ill.

For some strange reason, we ignore the contradictions and continue to suffer poor health feeling demoralized.  

Let me throw out a few curve balls:

If cancer spreads, why don't we get cancer from blood transfusions or organ transplants?

And if only 15% of smokers get cancer, how come the other 85% don't?  Why should we blame smoking at all?  I realize smoking is a gross habit, but these are still worthy questions. 

Why does a cavity form on one tooth rather than every tooth?  Isn't the entire environment of the mouth the same?

Why do people with terrible spinal Xrays have no pain, but people with straight, pristine bone alignment live in painful agony? 

* * * 

But, stinkin' thinkin' persists and people fear getting a bad diagnosis.  We don't have to live like a cloud is hanging over our heads.  We do have options.  We are entitled to second opinions, however many are banned, censored, and now called misinformation.  I don't know, but do you feel insulted when the media accuse you of not being able to discern information on your own?

In time, as we get older, we see enough suffering in others and assume that we're next.  Maybe there's a guilt that creates a self fulfilling prophesy? 

This inspires me to look into studies on the placebo / nocebo effects. Also, spontaneous remissions are more frequent than the medical journals want to let on. 

Here's my problem.  Persistent negativity is demoralizing to me.  People tell me what's wrong too much.  Even Dr. David Hanscom tells patients to keep their descriptions of pain brief.  He especially emphasizes not telling your friends.  He says their pain levels are worse, becoming memorized by the brain. This constant reinforcement needs to be broken. He gave up his surgery career because he realized mental practices to relieve anxiety were better than surgery.  

Back surgeries still have a high failure rate.  Studies show 70-95% are not completely satisfied after a back surgery.  And with the social pressure to experience results, I bet there is a high rate of negative psychological repercussions on patients or they hide their true feelings. 

Are we hard headed?  Did we give up on the possibilities of good health because this is as good as it gets.  Have we become hard wired to give up?

Is it too difficult to put in the time for better health habits?  Are we too financially strapped to reduce our work hours which plays a huge role in negative stress? Is it just a lost cause to find food that is not jacked up with chemicals, preservatives, and antibiotics? Do we feel our only solution is to go live in the wilderness? It's a stretch, but stress is getting out of control. 

I see the demoralization every day.  As much as people love to get adjusted, they still have that nagging feeling that they don't deserve to function better. I know it's wired into the brain.  It is a useful survival response even though it bogs us down. READ WHY HERE: What is the Negativity Bias. People actually get offended when I tell them they can switch off a belief that is wrecking their health. I know.  It's a challenge. 

I also know beliefs can be changed with practice over time. 

READ HERE: Change Your Beliefs with Neuroplasticity

Getting to the Punch-Line:

Chiropractic as a maintenance practice rewires the brain.  It takes time and repetition, which is how your brain has learned all your life.  This time we are more deliberate. 

You're not hard headed. You are hard-wired.  But we have the tools to do things better. 

Chiropractic on the Brain

Chiropractic, Stress Management, Body Chemistry and Pain.

Stick with chiropractic.  It will serve you well.

---See you at the table

---The chiropractic table

-------Dr. Lisa

        Your Health Freedom Advocate

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