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Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Insulin Resistance Makes the World Go Round

Call to Action: Understanding the insidious nature of insulin resistance will help you work on the life style habits that will make your chiropractic more profound and effective.

Insulin resistance is a strong driver of the economy.  Look at it from childhood to older ages:

The insulin resistant pregnant mom gives birth to a baby suffering from nutrition deficiencies.   (Also, born with subluxations.)

The insulin resistant toddler doesn't meet developmental milestones and requires different therapies.  (Probably still subluxated.)

The insulin resistant child is prone to frequent colds, asthma, and misses a lot of school.  Also, the child has learning disabilities and needs more services.  (Subluxations still there getting very comfortable.)

Already at this age, insulin resistant children are on many harsh medications that compound the problem with side effects.  (Talk about a subluxated liver.)

The insulin resistant teenager suffers injuries playing sports or may have anger and depression, feeling frustrated with fitting in.
(Subluxations at play, too.)

The insulin resistant young adult is already on a number of medications for inflammatory disorders that were unheard of two to three decades ago.  (Persistant subluxations.)

The insulin resistant woman has trouble getting pregnant or carrying a child to term.  (Subluxations.)

As insulin resistance continues people are confounded by the level of joint pain they have, stubborn body fat stuck around the middle, and lack of energy most of the day. 

The insulin resistant person needs hip replacements, stents, and other surgeries in order to remain active.  They often speak to their friends about strange disease names no one used to hear of such as lupus, irritable bowel, sarcoidosis, vasculitis. Graves disease. 

The insulin resistant person is more likely to suffer from dementia, and need nursing home care at an unexpected early age. 

Not trying to sound like a broken record but a poorly fed brain struggles with subluxations that disrupt the healing process.

Why am I picking on insulin resistance?  Because no one pays attention to it until lab work meets the definition of diabetes.  It is not common to check someones insulin levels.  

Meanwhile, we are using so many health care dollars and taxes for child services, teachers, social workers, surgeons, nurses, not to mention police, prison, drug treatment centers, nursing homes.  

It sounds like we have a busy, robust economy. however we have more people who are on disability who are no longer in the work force.  We have many people who never made it into the work force.  Heart conditions used to be a major reason for disability, but now back pain and mental disorders far surpass that.  We can do this a better way.  The Brain First Always Way.

Click here for a chart comparison.
(Here's the article.)

And we an blame it all on insulin resistance.  The most frustrating factor is that the usual blood tests will tell you that you are not insulin resistant, and that you are not near a risk of diabetes.  This is wrong, wrong. wrong.  And we don't even test kids, at all. 

If you want to delve deeper into insulin resistance, check out this link to Joseph Kraft's youtube video. You will hear this information straight from the actual researcher who looked at insulin resistance for decades.  

While chiropractic adds nothing to the body and takes nothing away from the body, we must also consider what the body is made of.  If the body is comprised of inflammation, and poorly formed tissues (due to the Standard American Diet),  we are not working in a useful medium.  We need clear neurological pathways and healthy receptive tissues that can receive the information we have opened up through the chiropractic adjustment. 

Chiropractic can help you improve your energy, sleep and decrease your appetite so it's easier to tackle insulin resistance. 

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