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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Why Should You Visit a Chiropractor?

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Why should you visit a chiropractor?  What does it mean to receive a chiropractic adjustment?
What is a chiropractic adjustment?

These are three powerful questions that can change your life.
I feel chiropractic is an important way to change your health and your overall outlook on life.  This is not the usual What's wrong?/Let's fix it mind set we are so used to in the health care market. I hope to offer you something different that gives you insight and self empowerment.

Some people use chiropractic after something uncomfortable has happened.  We can also use chiropractic to keep you ready for life's ups and downs.

Why should you visit a chiropractor?
I won't give you the exhaustive list of "chiropractic conditions."  There really is no chiropractic condition other than the desire to keep your body in tip top condition.

We often wait until we are not in tip top condition, but that's another story.  I won't give you the supposed list that starts out with back pain, head aches, carpal tunnel syndrome, pain during pregnancy, sciatica, bed wetting, ear infections, etc. . . .

Symptoms or diagnoses are just ways to describe what you are experiencing at the moment. But we do like to feel good and I don't blame anyone for that.

It is a good idea to visit the chiropractor to fine tune the spine, skull, and other joint connections that are changing the way your body handles stress.  That is a broad definition.  We need you to tell your story so we can focus on the areas of deficit that we can help.

I can't be more specific than that because someone would prematurely decide it's not what they need.  I'd hate for them to lose out on a great experience.  Regardless of what  a person needs, giving the spinal/nerve system an adjustment to improve movement and nerve flow is never a waste of time.

What does it mean to receive a chiropractic adjustment?
This means someone is open to releasing the stagnated areas of the spine and other joints so improved function can be achieved.

What is a chiropractic adjustment?
A chiropractic adjustment is a specialized force applied to the spine/joints by hand or instrument in order to maintain critical communication between the brain and body.  Some immediate responses between the brain and the body involve relaxed muscles, deeper breathing, reduced inflammation, and a better state that invites efficient healing.

Here's a better question that is pretty easy to answer.
Why do I need better communication between the brain and body?

(1) For starters, so pain (which is necessary and useful) isn't prolonged as long as we know what contributed to the painful event.

(2) We don't want misaligned joints (subluxations) to continually add more trauma to the spine and nerves leading to bone damage and hypersensitive nerves.

(3) We don't want subluxations to interfere with or slow down the immune system which would lead to other health problems.

(4) Subluxations can leave us in a prolonged state of "Flight or Fight" which adds more damage to the body with lingering symptoms such as high blood pressure, rapid heart beat, poor lung capacity, sluggish digestion, irritable bowels, fatigue, weight gain, etc.

(5) We do it without drugs!

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

-- Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

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