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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Chiropractic and Relationships

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Be a part of the connection.

Welcome to chiropractic where relationships are nurtured for their brilliance.

The power of touch is shared and spread around the world.  It can  reduce much of the world's suffering.  

It all starts with relationships powering relationships. 
 Chiropractic is the fuel.

Multiple relationships are in action:

1. The brain powers the body with nerve energy.

2. The spinal cord as an extension of the brain, shares the energy and sends responses back to the brain.

3. Movement and function are related. 

4. Healing needs movement and movement needs healing.

5. Hands adjusting the  spine ignites the valuable relationship between the physical nervous system and the non-physical nervous system.

6. The adjustment's goals cannot be achieved without the teamwork approach of the chiropractor and the person receiving the adjustment.

7. A shared belief in the healing process helps expand the health of the world.  

Remember the movie, Pay it Forward?

One person  influences another and each one does the same.

If chiropractic changes the way you make your mark on the world, all the folks you come into contact with are blessed by your talents.  Let them know how chiropractic  can do the same for them. 

While some in the  world look at chiropractic under a critical microscope, calling it unscientific,  complaining that our current understanding of physiology still cannot explain its wonderful process, attributing its success to the placebo effect or calling it just a frivolous waste of money, we don't have to deny ourselves the gift it adds to our own lives.  

Remember, each person is a gift.
Chiropractic is a gift.
We can do great things together.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa 
--Your Health Freedom Advocate


betty said...

I truly agree with your post that we can influence others. I think chiropractic is not merely touching and healing spine or certain bone issues, but it also heals tensions and relieves stress that makes you feel great and happy.

Lisa Ann Homic, M.Ed. D.C. said...

Thanks for visiting the site. Chiropractic's effects can be far reaching.