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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why You Need a Big Butt!

Writer & Veterinarian: Bruce Thomson
I can't do this article justice. So please click on the link to read the entire explanation.

In order to prevent low back pain, repetitive strain, and pain in the extremities, the gluteus maximus must be engaged when we are in motion. This muscle tends to be under conditioned. Take a look at the author's pictures with the article to see how this muscle should be working.

When you can, do more bare foot walking so the body gets more efficient use of the lower extremity muscles.

Read how the author finds out by accident that this muscle is so important:

"I discovered the back protective effect of the Gluteus maximus by accident.
It happened like this. I was experimenting with Gluteus maximus contraction while standing on one leg. In order to make it a routine, I fitted the exercise in to my cooking routine (Dad makes the breakfast in our household). I was suffering from a "bad back", (pain upon lumbar flexion) at that time. The bad back was not my major problem, and I was intending to work on it later. After 2 months, the Gluteus maximus exercises had "fixed" the "bad back"! But don’t just take my word for it: Science has proven that back pain sufferers recruit their Gluteals much less than do healthy people."

READ Dr. Thomson's article


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