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Monday, May 18, 2009

You Are Always You - Intelligent Design

Life has its ups and downs. We can't always have it perfect all of the time. (When is there total perfection?)

Health is the same way. Depending on your situation, you get sick, you get injured, you heal, feel better, and sometimes you relapse.

We become subluxated and sometimes aches and pains seem to take over our lives. If you have been studying the 3 levels of subluxation understanding, you can look at your own health over the last year and see how your body has responded to stressful events.

This past winter, a lot of us were sick for weeks with viruses. In our part of the country Vitamin D is terribly low. The news has been exceptionally depressing, and we have allowed this negativity to sneak into our everyday lives.

One of my family members is recovering from a serious life changing surgery and has been forced to take life a little slower during the healing process.

Many things happen to make each of us take things a little slower.

I miss my part time Ithaca job since being laid off two months ago. I truly enjoyed my mental health work with the geriatric population. Since I have not been on the road four days a week, I feel a difference now that I don't have to scramble so much to get things done. In all honestly, there were a lot of things I ignored out of necessity. I now have an opportunity to do something new despite what I have lost.

Taking care of small children and taking care of aging parents also forces us to make changes in our lives. They are times we can be special nurturers to others.

Whatever is happening in your life and regardless of a health crisis you are working through, you are still you. You are not any less of the person you are. You may have to ask for help more often but you are still you. We tend to forget this or let depression creep into our psyche. We shouldn't look at health changes as a failing. We have the gift of intelligent design and we should feel proud.

Christopher Reeve wrote his book, Still Me, with a similar message. His life was a profound message.

Look at different times of healing in your life as times of self discovery. There is always something to be learned or appreciated. A hidden side of you can emerge. As one part is quieted, a new part awakens. Take it as it comes and nurture yourself as life changes.

Remember, you get to choose.

See you at the table...the chiropractic table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

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