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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Be More Alive Step 1: Live, Love, Heal

This is a photo of Louise Hay and Joe Vitale. More on them in just a moment...

Becoming a chiropractor for me had nothing to do with back pain.

I worked for the South Carolina Department of Mental Health and saw how people let mental pain wreck their bodies physically. For some odd reason, they were unable to take care of their bodies which caused them more emotional anguish. When they talked about physical pain, their psychiatrist told them to go to their regular physicians who really didn't know how to help them. I saw chiropractic as the untapped resource needed to really kill two birds with one stone. The mind and body are uniquely linked and chiropractic doesn't ignore one over the other.

How you live, love, and heal is affected by the innate functioning of the nervous system. Learning how to tap into this personal power so the mind and body thrive together is the most important step to vibrant living.

I require an understanding of this when anyone starts chiropractic care. It's also important to reaffirm your dedication to your life by evaluating your basic attitudes especially how you perceive what you are getting out of living, loving, and healing.

It has to do with making good use of the energy of confidence.
It starts in your spine and spreads to your mind.

If you are familiar with Louise Hay, check out this article of her visit with Joe Vitale. It's a great story. They talk about anger and resentment being a contributor to disease. Louise Hay had cancer and realized she needed to understand her parents rather than resent them.

You get to choose.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

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