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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Adjustments Don't Work? Eat More Raw Foods

I went to visit Dr. Jeb at his office in Geneva for my adjustment and he said he noticed improvement in my hypertonic shoulder muscles. I told him I believed last week's adjustment really helped and I had been making smoothies twice a day with a lot of raw fruit. He feels the diet change is contributing a great deal.

I've been telling folks how much fun I am having with my new Rocket that I bought from Kohl's. It makes it fun to get your fruit, fiber, antioxidants, etc. If you'd like some recipes, let me know. Send me a comment in the comments section. If you have a great smoothies recipe, add it to the comments section, as well.

Whenever your chiropractic adjustments are not holding or your progress is slow, nutrition is the culprit (I should say less than ideal nutrition). It's easy to lose our focus on our diets. Mineral and enzyme deficiencies are big problems even if you eat well because most foods in the grocery store lack proper amounts of minerals and cooked foods are extremly enzyme depleteing.

Steve Pavlina has a self development blog and I caught his latest post on eating a raw diet. It was interesting to know when he added cooked foods again to his diet he found them to be very addicting and his fitness performance suffered. He kept track of his interval training and you can read about his results.


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Dr. Lisa

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