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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Chiropractive Curriculum: The Riches Within and Using Latin to Understand the Source of Health

In Chapter 2 of Dr. Demartini's The Riches Within he gets to the "root" of subluxation.

In Latin:
sub = less than
lux = divine light or intelligence
ation = condition of

Subluxation describes a "mortal condition of less than divine immortal light and full expression."

You do have a mortal self and an immortal self. How they unite makes a difference in your life.

Chiropractic connects and aligns the physical with the nonphysical. I can go on and on about the scientific explanations of innate intelligence regulating the body with such automatic precision that we can never recreate it in a test tube experiment. We can observe the brain responding to nervous system stimuli on an MRI. We know how emotions affect neurotransmitters the same way hormones do. We can also discuss the psychology of our thoughts turning into actions which is how we influence the world. And it all starts with a commitment to a healthy spine.

Read more of Dr. Demartini's book and learn how to become more liberated with each chiropractic adjustment.

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