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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sleeping Giants/Sleeping Beauties Podcast:Translating Disability, Listening to the Body's Pleas

Happy November! This is my first blog entry in a while. My environment seemed more noisy than usual and I put my creative juices on the back burner. In fact, I wrote down numerous notes for upcoming blog entries but seemed to have misplaced them. That is really on the back burner...maybe all the way out of the back door.

This week's podcast delves into emotions becoming physical in the body. I've talked about emotional subluxations being more pravelnt than the typical physical subluxations that seem to get more attention.

I discussed this in a past post:

Wayne Pickering, a Success University faculty member noted in a health talk that we get a whole lot more attention from our problems than the solutions. Once a solution is reached, there's nothing left to talk about, but I have to disagree. It allows more time for being more alive. While I see the societal oddity of bragging about everything that is wrong, you can join an exclusive club that focuses on the opposite. It's called wellness in body, mind, and spirit. Learn more about Dr. Pickering at

The podcast touches on a few related topics, but I chose to put information on injuries in the work place in the title:

Disability in the Workplace: Mind~Body Connection--Translate What the Body is Communicating Through Disabiility

Injuries that lead to disability in the work place are highly correlated to emotional dissatisfaction with work or personal issues. Can managers and employers recognize when workers aren't using their talents effectively and help them find the appropriate path? This is just one example of translating the body's unique language. It's difficult to listen to what our bodies try to tell us. Afterall, there doesn't seem to be much excitement in balanced solutions when we have become accustomed to the persistent negative reinforcement of dwelling on the immediate problems. Addiction reframing is another example of translating the body-mind language.

Click Here for the Nov. 17th Episode

Enjoy the podcast.

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