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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Evolve Body, Mind, & Spirit with Chiropractic

If the body is sick, the mind worries and the spirit grieves;
if the mind is sick, the body and spirit will suffer from its confusion;
if the spirit is sick, there will be no will to care for the body or mind.
---J.R. Worsley

Worry and grief do not aid the healing process. Worry and grief block the healing process. When you are under chiropractic care, you are confident knowing you are assisting the nervous system to be more efficient for you.

Suffering due to confusion is a sad waste of time. Unfortunately, confusion abounds when people give up their own power and decision making. Confusion abounds when people stop seeking balance. Chiropractic care is a straightforward approach to promoting the body's prime healing system.

If there is no will to care for yourself, not only are you hurting, but your loved ones are affected as well. Health is not just for the individual. It has a domino effect on the entire community. Chiropractic is for those who understand we all play a role in the well-being of each other. Chiropractic is for those who want to be a positive link in the chain of life. Chiropractic is for those who care how their actions directly and indirectly impact the world.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

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