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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Stress of the Season

Are you feeling stressed especially this last week before Christmas? The Season of Giving has become the Pressure of Giving. We forget we are really preparing for Jesus to return.

Giving to others is still very important. It provides hope for all of us that life here on earth was meant to be enjoyed. We aren’t supposed to do it alone, either. Sharing reminds us the value of community. The gift of each other is the next best gift to the gift of Christ,

Taking care of our health is one gift that keeps on giving. If we are at our best, we will naturally give our best.

I’ve been reminding my practice members to make time for exercise this week. It is probably the easiest thing to ignore while racing around to finish last minute items on our to-do lists.

Remember to take care of yourself, so you enjoy the entire Christmas Season.

Merry Christmas.

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