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Saturday, December 09, 2006

A Closer Look at Diabetes

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A Closer Look at Diabetes

I received my latest copy of Health Keepers. [] Although this article is not found online, because it is so recent, you can easily sign up for a subscription.

There is a very eye-opening article on diabetes as a later stage of a digestive problem. If you are interested in prevention this makes perfect sense. It begins in the pancreas which serves two purposes. (1) It produces and secretes digestive enzymes. (2) It also produces and secretes insulin. If a person overeats the wrong diet, ie. unnatural foods, processed, denatured, this overworks the digestive enzymes, thus exhausting and degenerating the pancreas. Eventually all the hormones produced by the pancreas malfunction. The author discusses how it is actually NOT a sugar problem. Diabetes is linked to heart disease and Alzhiemers disease. It is logical to look to the digestive system, not the heart and brain. [***Also, Health Keepers is a great resource for people who want to locate published literature that debunks the disgusting lies about cholesterol and statin drugs.]

While you are waiting to get your copy of Health Keepers, here is an article about a local man, DeWayne McCulley, who cured his own diabetes and made his doctors angry!! [Page.5]

Mr. McCulley wrote a book about his experieince: Death to Diabetes:

New Health Digest is a free, local publication. It provides essential information for people who are dedicated to self-care.

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