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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Science is Superstitious

Science is Superstitious...Who would make such an absurd statement? Superstition has no logical reason such as 7 years of bad luck if a mirror is broken, or bad luck when a black cat crosses your path. Do you check a coin on the ground to see if it is head or tails? This makes no sense.

If you go to and click on the wellness videos, you will listen to Deepak Chopra, MD, explain why science is superstitious.

"Seeing is Believing."

If a scientist does not see something, then it is not true. Well, what about gravity? Was Sir Issac Newton off his rocker? If you see an apple fall, then gravity is true. But, we are only watching the effects of gravity. Alas, however, the scientific method has limited us from a great realm of unseen wonders.

Dr. Chopra acknowledges the huge impact of emotions, which are unseen. Now the mind and body connection is being studied with great optimism. Many feel this will unleash massive healing in our societies.

Even the most schooled chiropractors argue whether or not subluxations are seen on an X-ray. But you and I know without a doubt the effects of subluxation are real.

Now we don't have to be so rigid in thinking only seeing is believing. The new mantra is Living is Believing. Share your comments and experiences on this forum.

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