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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Changing Self Talk & Behavior (Part 2): Wellness Starts In Your Mind


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In my 1/22/06 post (scroll down to What Does A Two Year Old Birthday Mean...) I talked about the foolish lies I told myself so I didn't have to change my behavior and get back on a healthy program and get back in shape two years after my son was born.

Parents get very busy. Exercise and nutrition take a back seat, until one's tolerance level hits zero. I once told a friend that I can still get into my pre-baby jeans, except I am "fluffier" in different areas of my body. We both chuckled over that.

Once the chuckling was over I faced the truth that my child will pick up my eating habits and it doesn't matter how many times I say, "I'll worry about it later." Why start him on bad habits now that will affect him the rest of his life. I believe what I demonstrate for him now will shape his behavior as an adult. I knew breast feeding was important to a baby's health. But, I believe it goes much farther. Breast feeding requires you to be there physically for your baby. It is the beginning of a bonding that lasts a lifetime between mother and child. It is important to be there physically as he grows up. I want to be there for my baby daily. I want him to see my face when he wakes up everyday. Baby sitters and day care are options for parents, but studies caution us not to disreguard our influence on our children at any age. My being there tells him he can look to me for comfort and guidance. A pacifier is not an equal substitute. The TV lets time go by without the learning and interaction a parent can provide. These things may give us temporary relief during hectic days, but it will also will teach him to look for artificial comfort such as cigarettes, foods, alcohol, gambling, etc. This is how we develop our vices, or habits. In reality they are addictions when we use them in place of something lacking in our lives. Right now I am lacking good time management. By not exercising and practicing self discipline with my eating habits, I am putting my health at risk and the future health of my son is at risk, as well.

Everyone has their "ah-ha" moment at different times. Mine came when I could not zip up my jeans. So, a little vanity can be a big tool in saving my health. I decided it was time to give up my excuses (lies) and make time to work out. I decided I can take the time to make sure I have extra fruits and vegetables that are ready to eat on hand. I decided to buy the grilled chicken salad at the drive thru instead of the double cheese burger.

Mike and I both started watching what we eat. Bread and pasta are off-limits but we allow ourselves to cheat once a week. Now it is a challenge to make interesting meals without bread. He makes sure he walks more. I started to exercise with the FitTV workout shows. I decided to talk myself out of snacking by acknowledging that I do get tired but I know time will go by quickly enough and the desire to grab a treat will go away. Telling myself I can keep doing the same things and get the same results is simple motivation.

What I Have Found

I started my No Bread plan one week before Christmas. In two weeks I was zipping up my jeans. That was a nice start keep me going. More importatly, I felt better without any cravings in between meals, and feeling fuller after eating less food. The work outs have been fun. They are challenging and I am learning some interesting moves that will prevent boredom. It feels good to be moving more. It has been about five weeks. My clothes have not felt any looser, which leads me to believe I can bump up my work out frequency and intesnsity. I still have my hot coacoa habit and I can cut down on that. I definetly need to get to bed earlier since adequate sleep has been shown to aid in weight loss. I am going to keep going. If anyone wants to join me, send an email message or post a comment. It makes a difference to receive support from others.

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