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Monday, February 13, 2006

Too Stressed or Too Many Ads? In Search of Wellness

ABC news hit the nail right on the head last week in a news report about the huge jump in sleeping pill use. Is life more stressful or do we see drug ads so often that it is easier to talk ourselves into drug use?

Wellness is about self care. Logical action that is nurturing is much more attractive than manipulating your body with chemicals. Addressing why a person cannot sleep is more benefical than just putting yourself to sleep with a drug.

It is much easier to follow the suggestions of an ad. The soothing voice of the announcer helps you feel pampered. The quick promise of relief is very desirable. It sounds so common and simple.

If we are so stressed out, these ads won't let us forget. We are reminded on a regular basis how awful our lives are. Thanks for keeping me informed. The statistics show repitition works. As the frequency of ads increase, so does the profit.

Are we that gullible?

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