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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Write Your Own "Best Teller": Exploring the Land of Me

Exploring the Land of Me
Guest Writer: Ellen Taliaferro, M.D.

Write Your Own "Best Teller"

Tired of the odd same-o, same-o resolutions as the New Year looms near? This coming year, think of a new adventure that you might undertake. How about an Expedition into the Land of Me? Your initial investment in this endeavor consists only of the time to take that inner journey down memory lane and a commitment to log your observations and discoveries.
Most New Year resolutions revolve around feeling better or looking better. This proposed resolution fits right into these categories. Dr. Robert Sommer notes in his 2003 article,
The Use of Autobiography in Psychotherapy, a recent explosion of published memoirs reflect the “public hunger for authenticity, a preference for the real over the fictional life.”
Memoir writing serves to provide therapeutic relief for you, the author, because you will gain insight and experience the benefits and healing effects of disclosure. When you produce a well-written and interesting memoir, you also give the gifts on understanding and healing to the reader by providing therapeutic guidance that the reader can use for self help or in their quest to help a family member and friend.
Other benefits noted in Dr. Sommer’s article, include:
An inside view of the issues and challenges of the author
Personal and strong story lines that pull the reader through the book
Identification with the author

I believe that the compelling narrative provides reader safety as well. It gives the reader enough distance to see similar issues in their own life while at the same time sympathizing with the struggles of the author and rejoicing in the success of the author. Vicarious victory may be the next best thing to “being there.”
So pull out your pen and paper and start writing your own “Best Teller” right now.
© Copyright 2006 Ellen Taliaferro, MD.

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