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Friday, October 28, 2022

Let's Overcome the Trend of "Too Little-Too Late"


Chiropractic: Why Brain Care Beats Pain Care

1- Pain is a Purposeful Pattern. Rather than interrupt it with artificial means, determine how the pattern is protecting so you can decide how best to support it.

2- Injuries repair themselves in days to weeks, provided the muscles are toned and organs are working efficiently.

3- Most of the time I am dealing with people whose bodies were not prepared for stress events. We are usually in “catch up mode.”

4- Fight-or-Flight is a valuable nervous system pattern but it can exhaust our reserves when we take it for granted.

5- Drugs and surgery do not alleviate prolonged Fight-or-Flight which is why we must pursue a different approach for our long term well being.

(Prolonged Fight-or-Flight is mistreated by mainstream health care because they are too narrowly focused on the effects rather than the cause and misplace the blame on inflammation.)

6- Calling nervous system patterns a disease or sickness ignores the true nature of the body's systems, incites a fear response that worsens the situation further exhausting the body. (More need for “catch up mode.”)

7- Chiropractic helps people in pain by re-engaging the prefrontal cortex. The adjustment interrupts a stress pattern like a switch and shifts the brain to repair/rebuild. However, cellular movement is painful as the body is rebuilding tissues and excreting waste. Appropriate repair avoids the disappointment of weakened or poorly re-formed tissues/joints. We can support this process with chiropractic maintenance, nutrition, and stress management.

Improving comfort is a more reasonable approach than stopping pain prematurely.

Let's move from “Catch Up Mode” to “Wellness Mode.”

Catch Up Mode” = Replenish Reserves

Wellness Mode” = Maintain Reserves

I ask my folks to look at their health differently.  I ask them to understand the innate wisdom of the body's self regulating system.  I ask them to work in sync with this system, and not against it. It foes require to replacing old vocabulary with new.  

Got questions?

Let me hear them. 

--See you at the table.  The chiropractic table.

Dr. Lisa

Your Health Freedom Advocate

Translate Pain/Anxiety Correctly

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