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Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Healing: A Flawed Concept

Invitation to Upgrade Your Journey
I've been struggling with the right way to say this. Perhaps I've been too obsessed with words.  We've gone in the wrong direction when it comes to healing. There is no healing.  Just like there is no disease.  

I went to chiropractic college to learn how the body works. I've taken this knowledge in the wrong direction.  So have you.  We did it together.  The main theme of health care has not helped us.  We are not better.  We are not confident in ourselves. We live a false sense of security with our fingers crossed, hoping for the best.  When mishaps occur, we go into panic mode because we have never taken ownership of our bodies, minds, and talents. We have avoided taking that critical look at how we function as a society when it comes to our vitality and longevity. 

We are living in a fog. 

This all stems from my dislike of the word: HEAL. 

After all this time, I am at a crossroads.  It's come to a point where I can't have the typical conversation with my practice members because I am leading them astray.  I have to shift.  And I need to do it quickly.  There is no coasting on this one. 

If say, "we are self healing, and we have the ability to heal," it is no longer congruent with my latest experiences. 

If you need to heal, that means something is wrong.  But there is no portion of your body processes that are wrong.  If we have a wrong, that must mean there is a right. I no longer look at the body this way.  I no longer look at health this way. 

I teach people that they have the ability to heal and we use chiropractic, nutrition, and stress management to boost that healing.  What's wrong with that?  The problem is we are still separating functions apart as good or bad, right or wrong.  We are being so divisive within ourselves that we have this constantly nagging and insidious self attack through self criticism, fear, dancing between that false picture of good/bad, right/wrong, healthy/sick. 

If I take away the word "heal" from my vocabulary, what is there?

1- Your brain responds to events.
2- You replenish your body.  You have choices how to do it.

The body is constantly self regulating at the brain's direction.  We call some of this self regulation a disease, or a malfunctioning process. We set ourselves up for a negative downward spiral accusing our bodies of being faulty, mistaken, defective, problematic.

Diagnosis is always perceived as bad.  But I'm fatigued by that. Then we are just in and out of bad, over and over, feeling worse about ourselves as we get older.  The bad doesn't get changed back to good.  It tends to become "chronic," and we "live with it."  We make peace with bad and tolerate bad.  It boils down to less bad or more bad.   

What is my stance on natural healing approaches?  I'm all in favor for activities that do not poison or injure the body.  They help you replenish your body's reserves.  

Early on I thought I had taken a solidly different approach to health care by focusing on how the body works to make it as efficient and optimal as possible.  Yet I continued to fall back on the dialog that there is a line in the sand that differentiates good health from bad health, when in actuality, it is all purposeful. 

Change the terminology today and see how your life shifts:

Purposeful response       Replenish  

Rather than focus on body symptoms, let's reinterpret "events," that your brain is responding to with a purposeful intent. 

Symptoms grab your attention. Yes. But knowing how you got there, helps your brain get out of fight or flight, so the parasympathetic/vagus can concentrate on replenishing.

Your pre-supportive activities determine the ease of this transition from fight or flight to vagus.  

How different is this line of thinking?  You tell me.  And if you want to upgrade your journey, dial in to Brain-Sense Tele-Health Self Discovery Sessions. 

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