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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Harness Your Habits Transform Your Life: Intro

Welcome to Harness Your Habits/Transform Your Life

Transform Your Life Without Trepidation

Dedicated to the practice members who say, "I can't get healthy.  I can't  feel better about myself.  I feel defeated.  I don't have time."  I know it's a challenge. Let's take a different approach.  Albert Einstein recommends it. Remember his quote about insanity?
Babies use a fabulous technique that we tend to corrupt and mishandle after age 4.  

This is the INTRO video.   (Don't forget your study guide)

Audio summary:

1- Our 2017 Theme is FFT: Free/Feed/Train
2- We can train our brain by harnessing our habits. 
3- We don't need to focus on bad habits.  We prefer to enhance our good habits and build upon them. 
4- Pick up your study guide at your next maintenance visit.  You will take notes, watch the videos and receive more tips and tricks at each office visit.  This is independent study with follow up at each visit.
5- We used a special technique as babies that helped us discover this new world of ours and reach our milestones.
6- We lost this technique very young (around age 4) and now we are going to learn how to reclaim it.
7- See you at your next visit for Lesson One in this series. 

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