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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Auburn's Community Connections

I was one of the vendors at the YMCA health fair yesterday.  The hospital was providing blood testing services.  It was mentioned in this Citizen article here.  The YMCA holds a number of wellness events each year.

While I was there, I promoted the Change Your Plate Change Your Pain program.  This includes a quick survey that shows how the body is responding to dietary stress and I teach folks how to make healthier changes.

Margaret Hartman, a licensed occupational therapist who teaches deep water fitness provided information on how to add more balance to your day.  She was talking to health fair attendees about  recognizing how they react to various sensory stimuli that may cause them to spiral into a negative pattern of behavior, poor eating, and other quality of life issues in their relationships, ability to work, etc.

Connecshen Acpuncture was also there.  Susan Sheldon and I  were talking to another attendee how taking care of yourself is more than making it to your doctor appointments.  It can mean having to quit your job because the job demands are so out of balance that the immune system is weakened by lack of sleep, high cortisol output, etc.  Receiving a pay check is not as important when there is personal conflict due to unethical business practices, overwork, bullying co-workers, or an unsafe environment.

I ran into Kelly Cleason-Kelly, who graduated from my alma mater, NYCC.  She offers a free book on making food a complementary part of your lifestyle rather than an enemy that you are always at war with.  Her approach doesn't focus on restricting calories or banning a certain food.  She shows you how nourishing your body also nourishes your life's meaning.  CLICK HERE for her book.

I also met another upbeat lady, Michelle Dart who has devoted her nutrition expertise to diabetes education.  View her website here.  Something she didn't tell me is that she is an author of nursing textbook.  Look at it here. 

Deb Turner is a local partner with Seniors Helping Seniors, an organization that matches up seniors who help each other.  Ms. Turner is very inspirational to talk to.  She shared with me how valuable people are and this program helps older people remain purposeful in their community.  The founder of Seniors Helping Seniors worked with Mother Teresa in India for 14 years.  Ms. Turner is continuing a great lineage of handing down the gift of relationships.

Shelley Augustine is a Community Services Representative for Home Instead.  She emphasized the importance of older people feeling confident in their own homes.  After all, your home is your castle.  She was very cheerful and knows how to make a person feel good.  She boosted me up when she told me she reads my monthly Citizen columns!

I talked with fellow chiropractor, John Lesch.  We were discussing how the insurance industry has restricted chiropractic coverage which gives the public a limited view of chiropractic's health benefits.  Without our educational efforts, the public we deal with will miss out on important healing information.  We are dedicated to making sure our clients are well educated and tuned into their own healing power.

There is so much going on in our small city.  Please share these people's names with those who would benefit from their knowledge.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate



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