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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stop Crashing --- Pay Attention

During the last batch of snow storms, I wrecked my car. Nobody was hurt but the subframe was badly damaged. That began the numerous phone calls to the claims office and the service shop.

This should be fairly simple. It takes a few visits from the adjuster and the car is fixed. Car insurance is in place to handle these kinds of mishaps. If only health insurance was this easy.

Vehicles are not complicated. After all, we’re just replacing a few parts and the car runs as good a new. There is only one owner’s manual for a particular model and each car buyer gets the same one.

People, on the other hand are very different. One size does not fit all and because of this, health insurance can be a bureaucratic disappointment. The healing process is not the same from person to person. When we don’t follow an insurance company’s determined timetable after an injury or illness, disagreements arise.

Auto insurance has been an affordable contract between the customer and the insurer. I agree to drive defensively and maintain my vehicle so safety standards are met reducing the possibility of a costly accident.

A PricewaterhouseCoopers report found health insurance premiums have outpaced inflation in recent years. One finding showed utilization has nearly doubled. This indicates we have been using more health care services than ever before. The report also cited an increase in consumer demand, newer treatments, and also unhealthy lifestyles.

If utilization increased in the auto insurance sector, it would mean cars are crashing daily on just about every street in Auburn. I am exaggerating, but you should understand the point.

Perhaps we are “crashing” on a daily basis and it has become the norm. We are out of control with our health because we don’t “drive defensively” and now the government wants to take control. I find it very scary that this report also stated less than five cents of every health care premium dollar goes to prevention.

Diabetes, which has a strong correlation with both heart and Alzheimer’s disease, is predicted to affect one third of the population by 2050. Increasing health insurance premiums is not doing anything to help this escalating health problem.

Chiropractic offers a solution to the problem of chronic disease because adjusting the spine neurologically reprograms the body for better healing. The body heals efficiently as long as the nervous system remains finely tuned.

A Rand study showed when an elderly population utilized chiropractic, they spent less time in hospitals and nursing homes, took less prescription medications, and were regular exercisers.
Another study in the Archives of Internal Medicine showed patients with chiropractic coverage had less health care costs overall when compared to patients who did not have chiropractic available in their insurance plans.

It looks as if health insurance does not make us healthy unless the insurance offers a variety of options. Our health is much too important to ignore this. Don’t be the last to get on board with chiropractic.

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