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Sunday, January 16, 2011

The P.A.I.N. Plan Part II (What if you do nothing?)

A few weeks ago I wrote about my stiff neck episode and why chiropractic is not the treatment for my neck pain, but rather it is a plan for ongoing health.
Read the post here.

I gave a summary of the P.A.I.N. plan and how to look at your situation rather than focusing on the immediate problem.

What if I didn't follow the P.A.I.N. plan and decided to do nothing? People do it everyday. They notice something in their life that is undesirable but ignore it. They keep on working and muddling through the day, ignoring the stress response that is asking for help.

These are the people who don't call the chiropractor and just wait for it to go away. I prefer people get in touch with their chiropractors to resolve ongoing issues that robs them of health. It is much more desirable than waiting for a crisis.

Here is what would have happened if I did nothing after my neck injury:

1. I probably would have stopped exercising due to the pain. This would have allowed scar tissue to take hold and increase the chances of future injury, often leading to chronic pain.

2. If my range of motion was reduced and I developed headaches, I could have been at risk for a serious accident because my reflexes wouldn't respond properly. Perhaps while driving I would not be able to see something in my field of vision and respond safely.

3. Ongoing pain and stiffness certainly affects someone's mood. A distraction like this can get in the way of good job performance, relationships, etc.

4. A depressed mood or lack of energy can take away people's motivation to take better care of their health. This can lead to weight gain, high blood pressure, and other negative changes.

5. Many people resort to medicine for quick relief, but this is a risky proposition when alertness is compromised as well as the likelihood of side effects.

6. In some instances, pain does go away, but something else is left behind. As mentioned above, less energy, weight gain, postural changes and subtle nervous system dysfunction results. These are less obvious stresses but they can deaden nerves. Disc herniations exist for quite a while before a future painful injury occurs.

I want people to come in to take care of the hidden problems that are causing the more distracting problem. That is chiropractic's goal.

Don't be empowered.

See you at the table...the chiropractic table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Advocate


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