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Sunday, October 31, 2010

When Service is a Disservice

People are always looking for service. It is usually fast service which actually turns out to be a disservice most of the time.

Sure, I want to be in and out at the bank so I don't get a parking ticket, but there are times when I need to slow down.

One example is when I am having my car worked on. I need to understand how my car is going to be repaired and what will happen if I don't stick to the maintenance schedule.

I also need to slow down and read the information in my credit card statements, or I will end up with unwanted fees on my bill.

It is very important to slow down when we are in the chiropractor's office because important information needs to be heard and understood. For years the chiropractic profession has been dealing with the lay public repeating misinformation about spinal adjustments.

Most people gather health information from their friends. When someone says he or she went to the chiropractor, the other person only hears this part, "I got better."

The reasons for poor health, the process of self healing, and how adjustments need to be supported are usually left out.

The best service is thorough service. For anything we buy, we need to prepare ourselves for thoroughness with an open mind and allowing extra time. We've all known people who ritually plan their vacations obsessing over every detail, but little time and thought goes into everyday activities.

Remember when looking for a quick fix, it isn't much of a fix. When you know what you want, please take the time to consider the best route.

Health care might have short cuts. Vitalistic wellness does not.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Advocate

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