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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Protect Yourself from "Cell Attack"

You know what a heart attack is. We are constantly being told to have important screenings to prevent heart attack. Some people are lucky enough to have symptoms that alert them to go to the hospital. For many, the number one sign of a heart attack is death.

What about "cell attacks?" We have have plenty of warnings that our cells are dying, but we ignore them because they seem more like nusances than health problems. This couldn't be further from the truth.

Are you ignoring these signs of cell attack?



Stiff joints

Weight gain

Slow wound healing

Breathing Problems

There is no concrete diagnosis for "cell attack." We just know our bodies are bombarded by toxins daily and we compound the matter when we don't stick to good health routines.

We can't eat our way back to health because our food supply, even organic, is greatly harmed by modern farming practices, processing, produce picked too early, and environmental toxins finding their way into the soil.

We now know we must take more action to make up for these deficits in the environment.

In my office I offer 2 great products that can be taken separately or together.

1) Nopalea cactus juice - containing anti-oxidants that are rare in our diet.
2) Rythmia genetic supplement - focused on clinically proven DNA healing

Nopalea is a whole food, fruit juice of the nopal cactus. In order to thrive in the desert heat, it needs betalains. We benefit from betalains because it puts out the fire of systemic inflammation that damages our cells. It tastes great for people who like to drink their nutrition.

Rythmia was designed to combat the five causes of aging.
DNA healing science
1- inflammation
2- oxidation
3- methylation
4- glycation
5- DNA damage
Rythmia contains a number of high quality super foods with a patented formulation for synergistically delivered nutrient flooding. It's like 5 supplements in one bottle.

Why do I recommend both?

I will recommend both because we need variety in our supplementation, just the same way we need variety in our diet. Whole food supplements are readily absorbed by the body because they are recognized as "real" foods, so a variety provides good balance.

Ask me for more information. Start using these products as soon as you can. You'll never get this from health care reform.

See you at the table....the adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Advocate

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