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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Free to a Good Home: Health

Health isn't free. It takes work and personal effort (outside the doctor's office). If someone gives away a puppy, it needs to go to a good home. The owner must be responsible enough to attend to the puppy's needs. Most animal shelters will interview the future owner to make sure the pup and the owner are a good match.

That doesn't happen with health. We all have come with a body and a brain, but not a how-to manual. Hopefully, the vitalistic message of self-directed health care is getting out there to the masses. Your interest and desire to spread the word is very important. As wellness enthusiasts, all my readers have the opportunity to influence others and maybe save someone's life with important health information.

Here is something really free to a good home.

I was introduced to a powerful liquid nutritional drink that puts out the fires of disease producing inflammation. I am hosting a tasting party and will give a free full size bottle to anyone who books a Taste of Health Freedom Party in the next week. Book a party and find out how you can get a special chiropractic/massage package, too.

The secret anti-inflammatory nutrient that isn't in our regular diet is betalains.
If you don't know how inflammation damages the body, understand these 4 causes:
(Things I talk about a lot.......)


We usually think of trauma as a direct injury that causes pain and distress. However, a sedentary lifestyle is also a serious cause of trauma. Why? Because our body was made to move! The more we move, the more we are able to move – and the more we want to move. The less we move, the less we are able to move. Our muscles and other tissues shorten and atrophy. Then, any movement causes injury. So, the less we move, the less we want to move.


Toxicity causes cells to rupture in the same way that a needle causes a balloon to pop. Is there any doubt that we live in a toxic world? An article in National Geographic estimated that humans create 700,000 tons of pollution and waste every day! Between these "exotoxins" (toxins created outside our body), and "endotoxins" (toxins created inside our body), we are bathed in inflammation-producing poison every moment of every day. Any successful strategy for reducing inflammation must address the level of toxins we face.


Deficiencies also cause inflammation. For example, an omega-3 essential fatty acid (EFA) deficiency leaves the cell walls weak and unable to function normally. Again, cells are like balloons. If the balloon membrane is too thin, even a normal amount of air will make it pop. If the cell wall is too thin because of an omega-3 EFA deficiency, even normal cell activity will cause the cell to pop and trigger the domino effect of inflammation. Similarly, deficiency of other nutrients can have a catastrophic effect on cells within your body. (A deficiency in oxygen, water, sleep and circulation can also trigger inflammation.)


Emotional distress is also a cause of inflammation. When we appraise a situation to be stressful, our brain releases chemicals called catecholamines that trigger the release of many inflammatory processes. For example, stress causes the release of insulin – a pro-inflammatory hormone. Too much stress over too long a period of time will cause insulin resistance (IR), which is associated with obesity. Other stress-related chemicals reduce circulation to our digestive and reproductive systems and trigger inflammation from blood deficiency. Stress is a serious cause of inflammation!

What does inflammation feel like?
It feels like:
heart conditions
high blood pressure
weight gain can feel completely painless.

Let me know healthy you want to feel. It's free to a good home.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Advocate


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Ann Hamilton said...

YEAH !!!! very well put and so informative. I thank you. (that puppy is BEAUTIFUL too (smile)