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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

What Cigarette Do You Smoke, Doctor?

I rented The Beautiful Truth the other day and was riveted every single moment. A teenage son and his film maker father drive across the country to interview professionals for a home school project on healing. He visited the Gerson Clinic in Mexico, he interviewed Dr. Dean Edell, and even tried to get corporation scientists from Monsanto to appear on video. The big idea of the movie is to keep chemicals out of your body and scruntinize everything that is being presented to you as safe.

We may feel information is hard to find, but Garret Kroschel dug it up very easily.

Highlights from the film:

Footage from a commercial that stating more doctors smoke camel than any other cigarette.

Dr. Max Gerson's most famous patient was Dr. Albert Schweitzer, whom Gerson cured of advanced diabetes when Schweitzer was 75.

Watch the trailer here

Watch the movie, enjoy it, and use it to help you make decisions about your health and wellness journey.

You get to choose.

See you at the table...the chiropractic table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

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