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Sunday, December 02, 2007

When You Need Extra: Getting Balanced with Chiropractic Adjustments

Eirne was coughing all week. Last winter he had a bad cough that kept him up for hours and left Mike and me exhausted. He would get so worked up, he would vomit. That's an annoying cough.

Eirne gets adjusted once a week because emotions, physical traumas, and chemical toxins stress the spine leading to subluxations. I tell my practice members when they are feeling down and out because the immune system is working overtime to come in and get extra adjustments. That is the whole purpose of the practice membership program.

When Eirne developed his cough this past week, I adjusted him every night before bed. Now, he did not appreciate it because he was achy and sore from tensing his body every time he coughed, but he slept most nights. One time he woke up coughing but easily settled back down sleep with a back rub and some encouraging words to get his mind off it. Last night he coughed for a while during his sleep, which seems odd. Since he slept through it he wasn't getting upset and that's what leads to him getting sicker with the vomiting.

He had a cough for a reason. He had a lot of congestion and post nasal drip. He doesn't yet understand the concept of blowing his nose. Coughing keeps the junk out of the lungs. Stifling a cough will spread the pathogens deeper into the body. I just wanted him to sleep peacefully. He can have a runny nose all day. I don't care because that's what the body needs to do.

I've discussed this in the office. Symptoms are normal. How we try to combat them is very abnormal. The body uses symptoms to tell us it is in self-defense mode. Treating symptoms just to halt them is like putting water on a grease fire.

Eirne will probably still have his cough tomorrow, but he is sleeping and that is when the best healing takes place.

If you're subluxated, get adjusted. If you don't get adjusted you'll just get weaker.
See you at the table...the adjusting table.


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