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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sleeping Giants / Sleeping Beauties: The Law of Attraction & Informed Consent

Are you self critical? Does it help you in decision making? In this podcast, I discuss the Law of Attraction idea that using an emotion-less process for weighing the pros and cons of a situation allows you the opportunity to be open to multiple options. Informed consent is an ambiguous term used in our health care culture that implies a person has been able to make a fully informed decision. That is not always the case becasue it can be very overwhelming. The individual is responsible for taking the time to study all the options. Also, a person's "psychology of wellness" determines what is deemed to be important in bringing balance to one's life.

CLICK HERE for the Dec. 2, 2007 episode


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I think you are great!!!! You really seem to know what you are talking about in your blog.