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Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Law of Distraction

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The Law of Attraction has gotten a lot of popular press lately thanks to Larry King and Oprah:

The law of attraction sounds so simple: what you focus on will be your reality. It takes practice if we've been trained to live by limiting beliefs of some sort. Just being able to live in a crowded society with numerous regulations to protect us can stifle our natural curiosity and creativity. We have plenty of man-made laws. The law of attraction is a great reminder of the natural laws.

When we ignore the natural laws, we are swimming in the "law of distraction." How often do we get enveloped in the negativity around us? This negativity prevents us from experiencing true health, happiness and balance.

  • The news reminds us of negativity every hour on the hour
  • Peers and friends who want others to share in their misery
  • Gossip
  • Poor health as a result of expecting it as a part of life or a part of aging

The law of distraction pries us away from what we want to do that we know is good. Every negative conversation, TV or radio show, thought, etc. distracts us from our personal power.

Let your chiropractic experience be a postive influence in your life that allows you to seek out the positive everywhere you go.

More on the law of distraction:


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