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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Kid Start: Wellness Begins in Childhood

  • Taking A Real Look at SIDS
  • Is Doing the Right Thing Isolating Your Family?

Kid Start is a new addition to the Create Purpose Newsletter. I will be including chiropractic and wellness information that pertain to children.

Why am I calling it "Kid Start" (not kick start..)?
Because, (1) every child deserves to start out in life with the tools for success and (2) every adult should feel like a kid if they are living an authentic wellness lifestyle...


Taking a Real Look at SIDS: This article addresses the mechanical and neurological aspects of chiropactic as it relates to SIDS deaths ignored by most well known SIDS research organizations.

Wellness Families on the Endangered List?
Does your family eat dinner together? Were your kids born at home? Are you a home-schooled family? Is your family vaccine-free? Do you practice "attachment" parenting? Were your children breast-fed past the age of 12 months? Has everyone in your family been getting regular adjustments since birth? Is most of the food in your cupboards organic? Do you shun pasteruized milk? Do you avoid fluridated water? Do you do a lot of other things that your friends don't understand? Do your parents and siblings insist on questioning you about your dietary practices at every family gathering? Do you feel like you are often defending your decisions? You are not alone. There are more parents out there who share your passionate view on proactive health practices. You will find them hiding at your local health food stores, yoga studios, holistic moms networks, etc. Listed below is a link to an interesting article about "chiropractic relationships." It sheds a little light on one couple tackling the wellness life-style and parenthood. (I also read another good article, but it is not available online yet. I will be on the look out so I can include it in an upcoming issue)

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