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Monday, October 10, 2005

What I Learn From My Toddler

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When you see Eirne running around the office, you see his actions inspired by a curious mind. He is a keen observer and constantly tries new things. How soon that trait is lost!! At what age do we become the robot-like conformists? Kindergarten? We are conditioned to stop exploring and wait for someone else to teach us. Later in adulthood our routines turn into ruts. Often I am watching the fresh spirit of my son and I vow to make sure this attribute is not squelched. This is something we all want of our children. While we don’t want to cross the extremes and create children who are out of control or too withdrawn to enjoy life, we want them to be inquisitive and creative. One way to do that is to be good examples for them. We need to continue our love of learning. It is an important part of living a long and full life. Intellectual development plays a part in our health as well. A mind that no longer thirsts for stimulation is more prone to disease. I invite you to take a bigger role in your chiropractic care by developing a wellness plan. Your nervous system is enhanced as you strive for new goals. Your adjustment helps spark new nervous system connections. With more nerve connections forming, your brain and body thrives in spite of the stress around us. Don’t forget the Wellness Resource Group for ideas and inspiration. The format has changed so we can accomplish more at one meeting.

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