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Monday, October 10, 2005

Remove the Blocks That Slow You Down

September is a great time to get back into gear. Summer is winding down, the kids are back in school, and we resume a more balanced routine. With this mind set, it is time to update wellness plans. Dr. Homic is going to ask you to consider any healthful changes you would like to make that can be easily incorporated in you chiropractic care. This is part of her wellness coaching program that she is introducing. Subluxation care and prevention are best achieved when your life outside the office is “in line” with your chiropractic care. The speed of your progress depends on what happens in between visits. Subluxations block our ability to heal. In a similar way there are other blockages that we can work on removing so optimal function and balance shine in our lives.

It is important to set aside some quiet time to decide what wellness goals need attention. Dr. Homic’s coaching will help you prioritize them and design a realistic plan to put into action. During this quiet time, write down where you feel you have “blockages.” Consider all aspects of your daily life and how you have lived this past year:

**Evaluate your mental and physical health.

**Evaluate how you spend your time at work and at play,

**How do you treat your relationships?

**How do you handle money?

**How content are you in your life’s calling?

**Are you being nudged by a different calling?

**How do you describe your connection with your creator and the rest of the world?

These are not typical questions asked in a doctor’s office.

Chiropractic Wellness is about evolving. It’s time to stop asking, “How is your pain?” The wellness question is, “How much can I achieve?”

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