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Monday, June 17, 2024

Thoughts, Toxins, Leave More Scars Than Injuries


Thoughts and Toxins

Leave More Scars

Than Injuries

The public "saves" chiropractic care for injuries and sore muscles.  This is a mind-set I am trying to change. Why wait until you are in poor shape? Chiropractic is your partner in everyday living.  

A stressed out / burned out nervous system won't catch up to your desired level of functioning.  It is not a disease, but it is an energy crisis

Don't you want to be at your best everyday?  Stress is here to stay, and even if you don't feel stressed, your body is working behind the scenes 24/7.

Would you insure your home after a fire destroyed it? 

No, of course not.

So, let's regard the nervous system the same way.  Plan ahead so you're body is always ready no matter what life throws at you. 

The nervous system thrives on regular maintenance.

Today's nervous system is tomorrow's health.  Once you understand how the stress response works for you everyday, you want to pay it back for being so dedicated. 

Stress is sneaky, but now you're ready.

#1 – Mental Stress

Prolonged Fight or Flight blocks rebuilding and recovery.

Stress is inevitable, stressed thinking is not.

Retrain your Fight or Flight response

#2 – Chemical Stress

Fight or Flight hold ups toxin release, causing pain and sluggish organs.

Stress is inevitable, poor replenishment is not.

Consider dietary changes and toxic effect of drugs/medicines.

#3 – Mechanical Stress

Injuries heal efficiently when #1 and #2 are are properly addressed long before the injury occurs.

Stress is inevitable, weak tissues are not.

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