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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Chiropractic is the Springboard : Recreate Your Life

 Parts of my city lost power after a night of high winds.  In our house, we were in the dark around 8:30 PM.  I had to carry my flash light throughout the house.  The laundry was washed, but had to be hung up to dry.  I admit I have a habit of watching Hulu before bed.  Without that vice for the night, I thought I would read a book.

After a few minutes, I turned off the battery powered light.  It was so quiet in the house.  It was a true darkness, as well.  No street lights.  No flood lights from the neighbor's yard.  I decided to go to sleep.

This is how we used to live.  All this artificial clutter really messes with our brains. 

It reminded me of  Mark Sisson's comment about "living by the ebb and flow of light and darkness, season to season."  In his book, Primal Connections (2013) he talks about "living in smaller groups," playing more, delving into our individual creativity, following a more instinctual natural rhythm in our lives.  In a sense, we have the opportunity to reclaim our biological roots of natural fitness by moving and playing the way our ancestors did.  We can reclaim a more natural diet, eating foods fresh before they are mutated with chemicals in  factories.

It would be worth it to read his book again.  He mentions being forced into "early retirement," and having to recreate himself. And for him it became a new niche that evolved into a successful business with ardent followers. 

What also intrigues me is how people transform themselves when faced with a challenge that forces them to rethink what they thought was expected of them.  A new path emerges.  

Have you had to go through any growing pains that turned out to be a worthwhile experience even if it was unexpected or traumatic? It's sometimes that way when folks come in to the chiropractic office for the first time. 

Many tell me they are at the end of their ropes.  They are stuck.  There expectations were not met and now they are worn down, distrusting, or betrayed by a system that let them down. 

I often struggle myself offering a new definition of health and healing but others don't seem to want to leave the system that let them down.  Apples and oranges I guess. If your brain is expecting one thing, then the new idea can't even pierce through the old, thick bullet proof vest. Chiropractic helps you make that profound shift. 

Be open to recreate yourself.  Take the best of your talents and enhance them. 

Chiropractic enhances the brain.  

Chiropractic is your springboard.  

Chiropractic offers something different.  It must be applied differently with its own different language and outlook. 

----Dr. Lisa
--- Your Fight or Flight Coach

The whole point of chiropractic is to adjust the spine so it can unwind the stress of your life, giving you a refreshed energy to live the whole human experience  --- regardless of pain, whether you are in pain or not in pain.   

The brain is constantly reorganizing itself.  Chiropractic enhances the process.  


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