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Monday, November 06, 2023

Your Spine is a Security Guard - That Sometimes Works Too Hard

One very important consideration when dealing with pain is how your brain perceived stimuli before, during, and after a stressful event.  What else was your brain preoccupied with at the same time? 

Whether you suffer an injury or feel an unexplained flare up, your brain is deciding how much Fight or Flight is needed to get you through the ordeal.  

Interestingly, most flare ups are a rehashing of old memories. Your emotions were "stamped" into the brain. That is the talent of the limbic system.  It shapes how your brain decides to respond with future pain signals. Most of the time you are not injured.  The pain came from the brain, rather than the body part you are focusing on.

You think you "over did it" but it was probably a normal movement.  I used to say your body wasn't prepared for that movement at the time.  But now I say, your body was perceiving a similar fight or flight response and chose to recreate the response.  Yes, it is pain, but your brain chose it.  

Injuries should be fully repaired in a matter of months. We assume the process is incomplete and put the blame on the "old injury." The emotional memories from the limbic system set the stage for the type of pain you continue to feel chronically.  


Nervous System Re-Visiting

It's not the injury.

It's Your Limbic Lens.

Fight or Flight “Seals the Deal.”

Past or Present. But you can release it. YES!

The Adjustment is your Pattern Interruptor.

What part of your nervous system is chock full of stored memories that are resurfacing to cause you discomfort, pain, and anxiety? 

Childhood Nervous System ** Young Adult Nervous System

Unfortunate Events Nervous System ** Self Confidence Nervous System

The Little Voice Nervous System ** Respect Authority Nervous System

** Un-Balanced Relationships Nervous System **

** Doom and Gloom Nervous System **

** Your New and Improved Nervous System **

How is your spine perceiving the world?

How are your perceptions being stored in the brain?

Your spine is a stubborn security guard protecting the brain. 

As your chiropractor, I teach you how to properly train the security guard.  

I use the Brain First Protocol.

Come in, get adjusted. 

See you at the table.  The Chiropractic Table.

--Dr. Lisa

Your Health Freedom Advocate

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