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Monday, October 02, 2023

So, You Think You're In Control ?

 The Brain Decides & Delegates. 

It is Your Friend, not Your Enemy.  

I Teach Why. 

A Brain at work is not a Disease.

It's the Design.

You have Intelligent Design.

You can decipher it or disparage it.  Which one sounds healthier?

(Sometimes we misread our body's signals and add more fuel to the fire.)

Everyday your nervous system is learning new patterns, new wiring based on your exposures as you live your life. 

 You are totally unique.  Your patterns are all yours. 

Your brain is constantly reorganizing your body's responses based on the environment: your internal environment and external environment.  

This is the genuine magic of the autonomic nervous system.  

It takes care of your survival needs.  

Your limbic system regulates the survival responses -- Fight or Flight.

But, your pre-frontal cortex helps you decide how you want to move forward in life.  The pre-frontal cortex helps you stop a fight, for example.  That discerning part of your brain is what kept you from hitting your brother in the face when he made you mad.   

We may not have control over our immediate nervous systems responses, but we can choose to change the stress levels.  

The Brain First Protocol gives us the opportunity to respect the Fight or Flight response and the balance that allows our body to rest and repair. 

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Brain First * Body Follows

Chiropractic works in sync with your

Intelligent Design

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