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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Co Vid Confessions

Before you read this blog post it is important you understand where I am coming from. 

I always recall how my grandmother lived with fear.  Our health care model promotes an agonizing fear that robbed her of the quality life she deserved.  Nothing has changed in the last few decades.   New treatments by researchers that still deny how the body truly works have kept us stuck in fear.  It's not acceptable.  That is where I am coming from. 

So, this is the month that the pandemic officially ended.  (May 2023) 


Actually, ho hum.  I kept this co-vid mindset out of my world as much as possible.  I didn't follow the panic.  I went shopping whenever I wanted to.  I didn't stay away if it wasn't my day to go based on my birthday, or whatever that ridiculous rule was. I did not wear a mask in the stores.  One day I watched a lady stare at me and I started to dread being there.  Next thing I saw, she took her mask right off. 

I look back at our hippy generation and remember they were the folks who questioned everything and wanted to forge their own paths.  What happened to you?  

So, you wanted the g-o-v-t to stay out of other countries and stop going to wars, but you let them go to war with your health freedom? And you're blind to it?

If you're questioning g-o-v-t, you must question the science they fund.  You must question the education they provided our doctors and researchers. 

The simplest rules of science have been broken and ignored for years.  You cannot accept a proclaimed idea just because it's been believed for decades.   You cannot follow a peer reviewed paper where the authors assumed all the researchers before them got it right.

You bet I questioned my education.  Sadly, I didn't question it while I was in school. Back then, I wanted so badly to be part of this healing industry.  Yes, I'm still here, but with a different vision. 

So here are my co-vid confessions from 2020-2021.  

1- As many of you know, there is no social distancing in my office.  It is about the size of a U-haul trailer.  

2- I touch people.  That's how I do my job.  I can't adjust someone's neck from a distance.  I got in people's faces. We are breathing on each other.  And I don't wear gloves.  

3- Masks? Are you kidding me? If God wanted that, we'd be born with built in nose and mouth coverings.  He already gave us efficient epithelial cells.  

4- I didn't clean the door knobs.  I didn't do anything different.  I washed my hands with plain soap like usual, but I didn't lather up in sanitizer.  I didn't spray poisons in the air.  

5- I didn't ask anyone if they traveled or had illness.  

Here's how my life went:

1- I never closed my office.

2- I never quarantined myself.  I was never on someone's call tracing list. A few people told me they had co-vid because they believed they exposed me, but I never quarantined myself. 

3- I never told the health department if I felt bad.

4-  I took one day off because of a severe sinus headache.  I didn't call the health department. 

5- I went back to the office after this day off with chills, nausea, and no appetite.  I knew exactly what made me feel poorly.  It was a major mental stressor that wiped out my energy.  No one else was going to "catch" my personal problem/personal drama. 

6- I never took a co-vid test.  Not once. 

7- Nobody died of this newly defined disease. Nobody went to the hospital.

So, if my little universe here did not match up with the predictions of doomsday, what was happening everywhere else?  

I truly hope my nonconformist attitude helped my practice members kick this nonsense off their psyches and live with calm. Much of society  suffered from job loss, isolation, premature death of loved ones, and a rotten gaslighting approach in our media.  Children think this is the real world! 

Many nervous systems have been badly damaged by the pandemic hysteria and militant medicine. 

I hope visits to my office were peaceful times of retreat.  Most of the folks who stuck around were happy to keep getting adjusted.  They stayed longer and chatted with each other. We had fun. 

See you at the table....the chiropractic table. 

--Dr. Lisa

--Your Health Freedom Advocate

I don't know why blogger keeps enlarging the font sporadically.  I'm probably not going to go back and fix it every time. 

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