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Saturday, April 22, 2023

MRIs and Xrays: Not All That Helpful?

 The whole point of chiropractic is to adjust the spine so it can unwind the stress of your life, giving you a refreshed energy to live the whole human experience  --- regardless of pain, whether you are in pain or not in pain.   

The brain is constantly reorganizing itself.  Chiropractic enhances the process. 


An Xray shows you bones, spaces between bones, and some thicker tissues.  You will see the shapes of bones, the density of bones and how well they line up.  An MRI gives you more detail if you want to look at the spinal cord or brain for example.  Spinal discs are viewed, as well.   

In chiropractic college I was taught to assess the structures, identify each bone, organ, or tissue.  We looked at the size, shape, and consistency of tissues. 

Certain descriptions are supposed to verify a possible diagnosis.  When we take a history and conduct an examination, we come up with a working diagnosis.  The additional information from the imaging helps you confirm the diagnosis. If things don't match up according to diagnostic criteria, you rethink the diagnosis and go in a different direction.  Now, you probably already know I'm not a fan of diagnosing if it places you stuck in  a box with no room to grow. (Check out older posts on my opinion on that.)

Most people in my office assume a Xray or MRI will confirm their pain.  They want to feel justified.  They want to feel understood, not belittled. They want things to make sense to them.  

However, when you're told your body is your enemy and that it's going to fail, you feel completely helpless.  

Here's the problem, unless you have a major anatomical injury such as a broken bone or crushed body part, the Xray or MRI is not a predictor of pain.  

People who are pain free are very likely to have terrible looking Xrays and MRIs.  It's actually been studied. Not too useful at times, is it?  Well, it tends to be very useful when an insurance company wants to cut off your treatments. 

The problem is insurance companies have the belief that there must be tangible evidence to explain a body symptom.  The reality is that we've been sold some pretty crazy theories.  

Xrays were super exciting when they were a new invention. Remember?  And when new technology is developed, we want to make use of it.  Health care has been built up to be so revolutionized. Do you feel revolutionized?  Do you feel liberated?  Do you feel healthy?  Do you feel accomplished at the end of every day?

The most important message I want to share here on this blog post is that Xrays and MRIs represent one moment in time.  And more importantly, they do not tell us the state of the nervous system.  When imaging is done, it never tells us what the nervous system is dealing with at that moment.  Is the nervous system dealing with fight or flight?  Is the nervous system in a depleted state of freeze or faint?  Is the nervous system ready to heal and rebuild?

With many of my practice members their pain is chronic.  This type of  pain comes from the the brain, not the body part shown on the Xray or MRI.  So, a normal Xray or MRI should not be a reason to discount your pain or discomfort.  Injuries can heal physically, but there is still some kind of activity in the brain. Why? There are numerous reasons.  

Just remember, imaging only tells part of the story.  If we're going to understand vibrant health, we have to translate the nervous system's processing of your daily functioning.  It is unique to you, and takes a bit of time to unravel.  This is the Brain First Protocol.  

Brain First Is Body Freedom. 


Chiropractic was birthed out of a different philosophy.

You can't mix it with the paradigm that already failed you. 

If you're living with frustration and feel as if we're all destined to have sickness and disease, please leave that mind-set at the door.  

You are invited to walk through the door with a fresh set of eyes. 

See you at the table.....the chiropractic table.
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