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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Diagnosis Hypnosis


In 1999 I bought the centennial edition of the Merck Manual.  I was getting ready for my outpatient internship and thought it would be a cool purchase. It was a waste of money.

It also came with a facsimile of the very first edition.  It was much thinner, of course.  There were fewer diseases back in 1899.  


Doctors and others have documented funny symptoms for centuries.  The body hasn't changed in a millenia. Why is the current Merck Manual 3500 pages long? (The original was 192 pages.)

If you're in the emergency room, triage is boiled down to a small number of life endangering symptoms, not thousands. 

When I was in my master's program, we had to memorize a lengthy list of psychological diagnoses. It was overwhelming and confusing.  Even the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Psychological Disorders) has 947 pages.  Someone's life being impacted by stress is much more important than what's printed on page number 527. 

What's the point?

The point is, while we are arguing on what kind of fancy name to give someone's presentation, the person could care less what category of illness best describes the situation.  The person wants empathy and a solution.

Now, I'm going to go out on a limb here and throw all of this extraneous knowledge away.  Stick with me for a minute before you go back to watching Tik Tok videos of car crashes. 

The basic things people need to stay alive are: 




Comfort from the elements

In order to obtain these things we need to work together in a community.  To meet these goals, we each have to pursue our individual talents so we can help each other. 

How did we get so complicated?

This question has put me in the middle of a challenge to get rid  of what I call Diagnosis Hypnosis.

Regardless of a diagnosis given, we have to give the body what it needs to rebuild tissues and maintain homeostasis otherwise the body reaches a state of exhaustion and possibly death.  The famous endocrinologist, Dr. Hans Selye, describes this in General Adaptation Syndrome.  

Whether a person succumbs due to cardiac arrest, respiratory failure, or some type of brain death the body reaches a point of final exhaustion. 

What does this have to do with chiropractic?

The founding of chiropractic is based on The 33 Principles of Chiropractic.  (Ralph Stephenson, DC) One of the principles emphasizes that all processes require time.  Another principle notes there is limitation of matter and limits of adaptation.  (Great thinkers at different times in history)

And because I get all kinds of questions from people.

What causes arthritis?

Why are my feet cold?

How do I get rid of itching and rashes?

What supplements get rid of indigestion?

What exercise will get rid of my muscle pain?

How do I lose weight?

People mostly want to "get rid of" something.   That is the diagnosis hypnosis.  

We have choices. We can focus on discomfort or fear with a strong urge to stop it in its tracks.  Or we can take a moment to discover what programming the body has chosen to initiate because it encountered stress.  The body is being protective.  If we stop the process, we allow the stress to do more damage.

Imagine driving to your house and your car becomes stuck in the street flooded with dirty water. You notice the water is coming from a fire fighter spraying a hose.  You wouldn't tell a fire fighter to roll up the

hose and leave.  Sure, you've diagnosed a flood and blame the fire fighter for making a mess.  But you don't realize there's a fire because most of it is extinguished.  You don't see the smoldering wood in the back of the house, but the fire fighter does. 

Simple analogy.

What did I do with the Merck Manual?  I used it as a bookend. It stands up by itself. 

How do I use chiropractic to help someone obtain air, water, food, and comfort from the elements?

Spinal adjustments re-engage the pre-frontal cortex of the brain. Too much stress programs the limbic system to dominate.  Stress happens on a daily basis.  Sometimes it's manageable.  Sometimes it's overwhelming. The limbic system suspends the rebuilding process and normal metabolism. This leads to weak tissues that are unprepared for future stress. 

Adjustments help the brain shift gears from protection (fight or flight) to rebuilding. 

If your brain is balanced, you can manage your life effectively. 

Don't let a diagnosis overwhelm you.  Take the time to understand the body's wisdom as it responds to a stress, traumatic event, etc. Reduce the stresses you have control over and get adjusted to "even the scales" of nervous system actions. 

Diagnosis hypnosis can perpetuate stress, with a fear response. 

Expose yourself to a positive hypnosis: a better balanced brain with chiropractic. 

The #1 Reason Everyone Needs Chiropractic

--Dr. Lisa

--Your Health Freedom Advocate

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