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Sunday, October 04, 2020

Doctors Who Jumped Ship: Robert Cywes (Part 11)

A medical genocide.  This is his descriptor and I agree 100%

Improperly used testing in order to sell more drugs.  They serve no other purpose than to ignore the real cause of the problem.  If you don't understand the metabolic functions of your cells and organs, you may be duped into taking medications that make your health worse.  

Who else made the list?  Check here. 

"We've been conned again," says Dr. Cywes.  He has jumped ship ship because he realized his own food addiction was not addressed going the usual medical route.

Dr. Cywes is a bariatric surgeon who has gone the education route in order to help people avoid surgery.  In fact, he says bariatric surgery only a success for one to three years. 

A lot of patients look to weight loss surgeries to help control diabetes.  This gives them a head start and a feeling of progress which may be necessary for someone depending on his or her situation. But he says the surgery does not lead to behavioral change unless the sugar addiction is addressed. 

He'd like to see the processed food/starch/sugar addiction addressed first.  And that was him at one time.  

In the video above, he tackles the misinformation people hear about certain lab tests that measure fatty acids in the blood.  And he's not happy with the drug companies that push a chemical solution for a life style problem.  He even explains that the numbers may improve on your follow up blood work, but the potential for heart attack has not changed. 

He feels lasting change comes from your own decisions and not what's on the shelf at the pharmacy.

Let him tell you his story.

Another article with Dr. Cywes. CLICK HERE.

And don't forget, your brain makes your body so you can make your life. 

Check out the BFA Protocol here. 

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