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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Set Up to Fail No More

Call to Action: I call on everyone to fully realize the perfect storm that was brewing (for years) to create this 2020 pandemic.  Now take the steps necessary to address the cellular damage from the  inflammation and toxins putting you at risk.

The emotional atmosphere has been unreal.  People are in a panic because they are convinced a virus is so unpredictable that they could be easily overcome with a serious illness. 

I cannot let this get soaked into  my psyche. I cannot let the news overtake my sense of discernment and common sense.  The cortisol flooding in the body because of fear is a major inhibitor of the immune system.  Emotional stress is probably much more dangerous.  

We've had virus scares in the past.  How do the numbers compare?  I don't know if I should obsess over comparisons.  

We've never been subjected to such egregious actions by our elected officials before.  How do we trust their information is accurate, well thought out, or useful?

Here's where I am today with the information I have gathered.  We need to understand why the worst of the worst are so sick and why there are others who recover easily.  

Different studies have shown the sickest people have underlying conditions that render their immune system dysfunctional.  There are folks who stayed home, took minimal medicines and did fine.  I've learned about others who followed holistic approaches with high does vitamins, ozone therapy and home nebulizing with great success (within the comfort of their own homes). 

We know from basic science that a virus such as corona has an envelop coating that can be dismantled externally with soap. Also within the body, a virus can be dissolved as long as the body has the capability to do so.  

Our best defense should have been building healthy bodies.  We are surrounded by viruses.  Our DNA contains viral components.  If this current virus is somehow different (and who can tell with all the differing viewpoints from various countries), we must be better prepared, not with the medical system -  but with our own health. 

We cannot assume the hospitals will be ready to help us.  Most of the care they provided was palliative while they watched people decline.  Now, it is realized ventilators are not the best approach.  
I am thankful many people had quick thinking doctors who looked "outside the box" to offer more individualized care.  

The worst risk factors for many in serious situations had high blood pressure, diabetes, lung problems, and obesity.  

The perfect storm was brewing for a long time and finally became a tsunami with:

  • emotional trauma, stress, fear, lack of individual control
  • chronic health problems related to long term inflammation and toxic damage
  • unprepared hospitals 
  • an insurance system that promotes financial incentive for ineffective approaches

We were set up to fail. 
It's time to reverse this trend. 

This is where we make the most progress.  While everyone is focused on a virus, we work on real change.  We now roll up our sleeves and tackle these long term health problems.  If you rely on medical advice given to you in a seven minute visit with your physician, you have to admit, it's time for different strategy. 

It takes real "hands on / low tech approaches" in your everyday life.
We address life style balance instead of symptoms and  tunnel vision treatments. 

Nothing has changed with my mission.  I will teach people to rebuild their bodies at the cellular level so they can have authentic health freedom.  

But I need your help.  I need to know about your stumbling blocks. 
I believe I have failed.  I did not communicate the seriousness of unchecked stress. How do I help you get past the hurdles that keep you from a better human experience?

BFA Coaching is how we unravel the stuck knot of stress.  
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