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Saturday, July 06, 2019

Chiro-Keto Diaries


Dead tissue cannot respond to the chiropractic adjustment.

Starving tissue is a close 2nd. 

Chronic inflammation takes up residence in tissues that are toxic and starving.

Feeding your tissues properly ensures the chiropractic adjustment can deliver healing energy. 

I transitioned from a low carb diet to a specific keto diet sometime around late August 2018.  I did this after watching Dr. Darren Schmidt** explain on one of his videos that significant health changes are seen with a keto diet at a 2:1 ratio. I decided I needed to experience a more significant health change and I was only at a 1:1 ratio.  I didn't think I was in rough shape, but the inflammatory process often has subtle symptoms. I don't want to be fooled by silent inflammation, nor do I want to be surprised with an unexpected illness.  

Following Dr. Schmidt's explanation, I was not disappointed.  Chiropractors often tout that their is no ceiling to wellness and I was pleasantly surprised at how good I felt with a slight modification to my diet. 

As a side note, when we say there is no ceiling to wellness, we mean the coordination of brain signals to the body has a very high potential when allowed to be expressed. The best expression occurs when interference is kept at a minimum through routine chiropractic care and stress management.

Back to my story.  If you don't live out in the forest or off the grid, you are relying on a modern food supply.  Plants and animals are being raised on depleted soil. You won't always feel good even when eating healthier foods so my extra deliberate approach to keto helped me make better food choices. 

My energy was better, I experience a new state of calm, and improved mental clarity.  I attribute this to reducing my carbs from 50-60 to 20 grams a day.  It took care of cravings I still had. The most helpful change was the end of crashing blood sugar.  This gave me a greater sense of control over my life.  Not to mention, the nearly minute-by-minute food obsession was gone. We spend too much time on thoughts of food when we can be doing other things.  I found it to be eye opening, especially when people say they don't seem to have enough time in their day.  I also began to feel more confident with intermittent fasting, adding more anti-inflammatory benefits. 

Another difference I noticed was my attention to hidden ingredients that made food more carb-heavy than they needed to be.  I am more interested in home cooked meals because I use the most simple ingredients getting away from the chemical additives.  I feel better eating extra meat and less vegetables.  I have considered going carnivore/zero carb but still like my salads.

I always remind my practice members that they can't make good decisions if the brain's prefrontal cortex is inflamed and deprived of blood flow due to an excessive fight or flight response.  I can say my surprising success with a  more specific keto approach has given me the inspiration and brain energy to look at the sources of my food more intently.  I have turned away from more convenient type foods that still kept me in the 50-60 gram range. I am still astonished that my low carb diet wasn't low enough.  I was  hung up on emotional food attachments so my brain remained inflamed.  How about you?  What foods are you hung up on?

When people say they can't seem to feel better, I know they haven't taken the extra step to make a significant change.  When your brain is inflamed and dopamine deprived, you don't want to budge from unproductive habits.  (A very useless comfort zone) You might just need a keto-kick-in-the-pants, after all. 

I include the keto diet with intermittent fasting in the Brain-First-Always Program because I want people to know they have truly reduced their inflammation levels. We also include Standard Process whole food concentrates to make up for the depletion in our soil which has caused depletion in our food supply.  

Feed your tissues properly so your chiropractic adjustment can respond like rocket-fuel in the body!!!

**More info on Dr Darren Schmidt: He has since updated his information and teaches the value of consuming more protein than fat which is a bit different from earlier versions of keto as taught by the Charlie Foundation.  He states both options work.  You have to figure out which method works best for you. 

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