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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Adrenal Wars and the Chiropractic Peace Maker

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We know when the body is in a perpetual "fight or flight," the nervous system will memorize the pattern.  It becomes much easier to set off the reaction.  

Also when cortisol, released by the adrenal glands, is high, blood flow to the brain is reduced.  When this happens long term, you can understand the significant problems that can arise (especially poor thinking).  

Most of the time we are not in a true "fight or flight" scenario where our lives are in immediate danger to injury or death.  A close call on the highway is a real sense of danger, but once it's over, you continue driving along toward your destination.  

Emotional "fight or flight" during which we constantly face financial demands, an overbearing coworker, moody family members, seems to keep recycling itself.  You experience it when a bad interaction with someone morphs into a repetitive chain of arguments.  This is the feeling of constantly walking on eggshells.  The constant stream of adrenal surge can turn highly functional humans into a stubborn toddler like state.

When everyone is under stress the rewiring becomes such a success that we automatically disregard normal politeness.  We take out our frustrations on each other.  

The classical study of rats overcrowded in a cage illustrates the domino effect of stress induced panic spreading to the entire group.  Do we let our internal adrenal storms harm each other?  Angry people getting angrier at each other can be a contagious vicious cycle.

We hope the waiter taking our order is in a good mood and that everything in his life is going well.  We hope police officers have a healthy state of adrenal function when they encounter each 911 call.  We hope our child's teacher has a good adrenal balance so our child is exposed to positive mental wiring five days a week.  

While not everyone understands the wider and more profound benefits of chiropractic, those of you reading this article can be the catalyst of a healing butterfly effect.  Image courtesy:

Chiropractic enthusiasts committed to lifetime maintenance care understand the reality of brain-drain in their own lives and how it carries over into their loved ones lives.  They have solid plan in place that provides them with big dividends.  

They know the need to clear out spinal subluxations so the brain isn't robbed of energy.  They pay attention to brain nutrition understanding what dietary habits are more beneficial.  They also have a healthy reaction to the ups and downs of life. 

If you need a refresher or want to ramp up your wellness activities, let's talk about it your next visit. 

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