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Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Your Inflammation Doesn't Like the Weather

It's getting cold out. How do you like the sharp drop in temperature? Do your joints ache more than usual? Are you moving a bit slower?

We like to blame the weather and our bodies "typically" respond to the changes. But, should you feel bad just because the weather shifted? I bet your inflammation is talking to you.  Scientist agree the barometric pressure changes and makes it uncomfortable inside the joints.  But, the inflammation living there is the problem. This is the inflammation that never goes away because of dietary induced inflammation. Certain foods create an inflammatory response, a stress reaction because the body thinks it is in crisis. The immune system attacks insulin and free radicals as if they were foreign invaders. The body just doesn't want them around. If you are tired and exhausted, your immune system is too. Your immune system can't keep up the fight.

Think of inflammation as an uninvited neighbor.  It moves in and takes over.  Don't let it become a part of you. 

When you take the neuro-digestive-stress test, we can get a better picture of the situation and unleash the TNT protocol so nothing slows down the healing power of your adjustments.

See you at the table.....the adjusting table.

Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

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