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Saturday, October 01, 2011

What Does Your Iodine Deficiency Look Like?

Get the October 2011 issue of Life Extension Magazine and read about the connection between iodine deficiency and obesity, brain impairment, heart issues, mental disorders, and cancer.

Do you have an iodine deficiency?

Consider this:

1. You don't need to have a goiter to have an iodine deficiency
2. Manufacturers are not putting adequate amounts of iodine in their refined salt products.
3. Once cooked, salt loses iodine content
4. Sea salt has no iodine
5. Reducing your salt intake is also making the problem worse
6. If you eat more vegetables than meat, you are getting less iodine
7. If you exercise regularly you lose iodine in your sweat.
8. A common flavor enhancer for foods derived from the explosive/rocket fuel industry
blocks iodine from reaching the thyroid.
9. Iodine is important for breast health.
10. Breast cancer cells easily absorb iodine and the cells die.
11. Iodine is important for fibrocystic breast disease.
12. Iodine deficiency leads to abnormal heart rhythm.
13. Iodine deficiency contributes to abnormal lipid and cholesterol profiles (can't be fixed by a statin).
14. Thyroid hormone treatment is not good for an already weakened heart. (Iodine deficiency should be looked into first.)

The article is found on page 43.
You can also read it online here.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate


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