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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Can you cook dinner with the lights out? Neither can your nervous system.

I love this short article. It gets to the point so well.

Taking healthy children to the chiropractor protects them from a world of unneeded grief.

Many adults think chiropractic is reserved for bad falls, back sprains, and headaches, etc. We know they are missing out on much better experiences in life.

This goes even more strongly for kids. They grow so fast from age 0-18 (especially in the womb) that they need chiropractic to help them develop properly.

So, I like the author's question: Can you cook with the lights out? No, you can't cook with the lights out. Can you imagine trying to decide when a skillet dish is ready when you are stirring the dark?

The same goes with the nervous system. It can't do two things at once. When the nervous system is stressed, it can't heal properly.


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