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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Do You Have a Food Hangover & Not Know It?

I had too many carbs two days ago. It was a Friday. I had a headache on Saturday. I've been so good with my low carb eating plan that I felt bad that I over did it. Depending on how quickly I get back to my routine, I will still feel the effects of my overeating for one or two more days. I won't be gross, but other digestive maladies take a while to go away.

How about the folks who haven't gotten an handle on their food issues? People who can't lose weight or have constant stiffness or headaches are usually dealing with a stressed digestive system. When this happens the nerves connected to the digestive organs will send reflexes to their partner muscles and joints.

Every spinal nerve root delivers information for the organs and it's neighboring muscles.

If you are having a food hangover, you feel stiffness or pain in the musculo-skeletal system every time you move.

Ask me how chiropractic can translate these body reactions so you can get rid of your food hangover.

ReadMyth of the Month to learn about ideal eating habits.

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